Raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Anybody who knows Phil Cannella knows he loves reaching out and helping those in need and in 2014, he showed that love again by raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) during the annual “98.1 WOGL Loves Our Kids” radiothon. In fact, Phil Cannella and his Crash Proof Retirement Show are the largest single donors to the radiothon since its inception in 2001.
Phil and Crash Proof Retirement Show co-host Joann Small presented CHOP with a check for $50,000 saying, “Crash-proofing a child’s future nurtures the seeds of this country’s future. These kids have had a lot of rainy days in their short time on earth. By giving, and by caring, we bring a rainbow of hope.”
This donation brought the Crash Proof Retirement Show’s total contribution to CHOP to a whopping $275,000. To learn more about CHOP visit www.crashproofretirement.com/chop